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My name is Sonia Jasso, I am a student in the faculty of languages and I am currently studying Language Teaching, I really like to know a little bit of everything about the languages I like, for example, Romance Languages or Native American languages. In this course, I am interested in sharing a little bit about the Nahuatl language and sharing material for people who are interested in learning it.
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    Grammar of the Nahuatl language

    Content- Topic 1. Alphabet letters- Topic 2. Pronunciation and writing- Topic 3. Vocabulary Community: Young people and adults interested in learning Nahuatl as a second language. Level of difficulty: Basic, since the concepts are not of a technical-specialized nature. Identify visually and aurally the 19 spellings of the practical Nahuatl alphabet through the correct pronunciation of each one of them in order to set precedents for reading and writing the language.  

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