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Abel Cabral Ramirez

Técnico Analista de Sistemas

Soy Emprendedor, Analista de Sistemas, Networker profesional, Experto en Redes Sociales, Instagram y Facebook, Programador de Computadoras, Experto en SQL y lenguajes de Programacion Fox, Visual.Net y otros como C++ y Diseño Grafico.
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Asuncion, Paraguay
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Analista de Sistemas Universidad Técnica de Comercialización y Desarrollo 2013 - 2019
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    Introducción a la Capellanía Educativa

    LA CAPELLANIA EDUCATIVA Ha sido diseñado pensando en proponer a nuestros estudiantes de capellanía, una estructura pedagógica que propicie un equilibrio entre la teoría, la metodología de aplicación y una experiencia de contacto directo con la comunidad educativa. Para lograrlo, el CAPELLAN se desarrolla en torno al análisis de las interacciones, experiencias, vivencias de los estudiantes, padres, docentes, Capellanes y personal que hace parte de la comunidad. Los contenidos han sido desarrollados con la colaboración de expertos nacionales e internacionales en el tema y dando una práctica de responsabilidad social. Objetivos General: Formar Capellanes Educativos. El estudiante estará en capacidad de:1. Comprender la normatividad en el marco educativo. 2. Aplicar los conceptos que permiten un análisis de las situaciones de los diversos contextos educativos. Comprender su papel como Capellán Educativo.3. Identificar las principales herramientas y recursos al servicio de la capellanía educativa.4. Reconocer la posición subjetiva de los diferentes actores dentro de la comunidad educativa.5. Identificar las actividades y funciones del Capellán en los contextos educativos. 6. Reconocer los límites y alcances del papel del Capellán en la educación. 

    0ReviewsTeacher: Capellanía Nacional del Paraguay
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    Recursos online | Alternativas gratuitas

    Hola! Si estas en este curso, es porque estás buscando recursos gratuitos para diseñadores gráficos.   Nos encanta compartir recursos online que nos ayuden en el trabajo. Muchas herramientas que conocemos, son de pago, y quizás para comenzar en este sector, lo mejor es conocer los software de tipo gratuito.    Te ofrecemos un curso que iremos ampliando poco a poco. Te mostramos todos los recursos gratis que existen en la web y cómo utilizarlos. 

    11ReviewsTeacher: Roko
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    Business Process Mgmt & Career Planning: Fortune 500 Leaders

    Your business process management and career planning practices will determine whether your career thrives in the increasingly-disrupted post-COVID future of work. Yet traditional advice to "go with your gut" in business process management and career planning scenarios so often leads to disasters, as revealed by research in behavioral economics, psychology, and cognitive neuroscience. So how do Fortune 500 companies help their leaders and staff make the right calls on even the toughest decisions in business process management and career planning strategies? They recognize that behavioral science has revealed that our typical approach to business process management and career planning scenarios suffers from systematic dangerous judgment errors called cognitive biases. Fortunately, recent scholarship has revealed effective yet counterintuitive strategies to enable you to defeat these cognitive biases. In this course, you will learn about and address these dangerous judgment errors, while mastering techniques for business process management and career planning success drawing on cutting-edge behavioral science and real-world best practices from Fortune 500 companies. After taking this course, you will:• Master business process management and career planning best practices used by Fortune 500 firms to help their staff seize competitive advantage in their careers• Feel truly confident about making the right call in your business process management and career planning practices to achieve your full potential and income• Develop a plan with specific next steps to adapt for yourself the methods used by Fortune 500 firms for business process management and career planning success• Discover the dangerous judgment errors (cognitive biases) that lead to business process management and career planning disasters & how Fortune 500 firms defeat them• Free yourself of constant ruminations, numerous grey zones, and mental blindspots that plague typical business process management and career planning scenarios Sounds too good to be true? These methods were successfully used by Aflac, Applied Materials, Entergy, Honda, IBM, Reckitt, Wells Fargo, and Xerox to dramatically improve the business process management and career planning practices of their leaders and staff. Over the last two decades, I trained the employees at these Fortune 500 companies, as well as at numerous middle-market companies and quickly-growing startups, as the CEO of the boutique future-proofing consultancy Disaster Avoidance Experts. The secrets used by these companies will be revealed in this course. Here’s a recent testimonial from Cheryl Smith, Global Director of Talent Management, Organizational Capabilities, and Diversity at Xerox, a company ranked #415 by Fortune, about the impact of my career plan coaching for her:• “I really like your coaching style. You ask meaningful questions without 'leading the witness.' It's a great fit for executives." Here’s a recent testimonial from Harish Phadke, the Business Manager for the head of the North American Health division at Reckitt, a company ranked #326 by Fortune, about the impact of my training on the Reckitt North American Health Leadership Team:• “Dr. Gleb Tsipursky provided a truly outstanding virtual training on unconscious bias and future-proofing via emotional and social intelligence for the Reckitt North American Health Leadership Team. Exceeding our expectations, Dr Gleb customized his groundbreaking, behavioral science-driven training content to integrate our initiatives, policies, and case studies at Reckitt, expertly targeting our evolving needs. We are delighted to have met Dr. Gleb, and look forward to future opportunities to keep working with him on a training series for the organization. I highly recommend him for anyone who wants to get a rapid grasp of highly relevant topics which influence human behavior in the prevailing challenging times.” Besides such real-world, pragmatic expertise, I have a strong academic background as a behavioral scientist studying career decision making and related fields. I spent 8 years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, first getting a PhD and then serving as a lecturer there. Then, I spent 7 years as a professor at the Ohio State University’s Decision Sciences Collaborative and History Department. There, I published dozens of peer-reviewed articles on these topics in high-quality academic journals such as Behavior and Social Issues and Journal of Social and Political Psychology. Thus, this course is thoroughly informed by cutting-edge research. This combination of business and science led to my expertise gaining global recognition. I published over 550 articles and gave over 450 interviews for prominent venues, such as Fortune, USA Today, CNBC, Fast Company, CBS News, Business Insider, Inc. Magazine, and Time. My expertise is also featured in my 7 best-selling books, including global best-sellers Never Go With Your Gut: How Pioneering Leaders Make the Best Decisions and Avoid Business Disasters (Career Press, 2019) and The Blindspots Between Us: How to Overcome Unconscious Cognitive Bias and Build Better Relationships (New Harbinger, 2020). Further attesting to my global renown, my work was translated into Chinese, German, Russian, Korean, Polish, Spanish, French, and other languages. That's what you can expect in this course: methods used successfully at even the biggest companies to seize competitive advantage, thoroughly informed by cutting-edge research, and featured in top media venues and best-selling books around the globe. The course features modules with videos and assignments from the course materials textbook packet, delivered in the following order: 1) “Business Process Management – Introduction and course textbook packet”: Learn what the course will be about and get my best-selling book on which the course is based. 2) “Business Process Management – A truly long-term career”: Learn about the dangerous judgment errors called cognitive biases that block career success and why our minds fall into these dangerous judgment errors 3) “Business Process Management – How to not dead-end your career”: Discover and overcome the specific cognitive biases that are most dangerous for dead-ending careers 4) “Business Process Management – Influencing key people for your career”: Understand and address the specific cognitive biases that are most important for you to influence key people for their career 5) “Business Process Management – How to assess blindspots in your career”: Assess and defeat the impact of various cognitive biases on your career and your workplace 6) “Business Process Management – 5 keys to quick, effective career decisions”: Master a research-driven technique to make the best quick career decisions where you just need a “good enough” answer 7) “Business Process Management – 8 steps to making the best major career decisions”: Master a research-driven technique to make the best major career decisions where you need the best answer possible 8) “Business Process Management – How to failure-proof your career decisions”: Master a research-driven technique to minimize failure and maximize success when implementing major career decisions 9) “Business Process Management – 7 steps to creating your career strategic plan”: Master a research-driven technique to develop a strategic plan for your career 10) “Business Process Management – Next steps for lifelong learning”: Develop a specific plan with next steps for mastery of the course content and lifelong learning So why should you take my course rather than someone else’s alternative course? Simply because this course provides unparalleled value. Consider my level of credibility in the course topic:• As a trainer for Fortune 500 companies• As a behavioral scientist• As a best-selling author• As a globally-renowned thought leaderSo if you want a lower-value alternative, take someone else’s class. If you want the best, take this course. Here’s another reason to register now. Once you register, you'll get access to the textbook course materials packet. The packet consists of my best-selling book, my assessment on dangerous judgment errors, 3 manuals on techniques for career decision making, and 4 decision aids, all of which sell for over $35 combined. Fortune 500 firms get this packet to help their leaders and staff seize competitive advantage in their careers: you’re getting what they are getting. This is an intermediate-level course: at least a year of real-world professional experience is required to appreciate the strategies and case studies outlined in the class. Your registration is risk-free. See the terms and conditions for more. I look forward to welcoming you into the world of evidence-based, science-driven techniques tested in the real world of many Fortune 500 companies and numerous middle-market companies and startups. To ensure that you master the secrets of Fortune 500 firms to help yourself seize competitive advantage in your business process management and career planning practices, register now!

    1ReviewsTeacher: Dr. Gleb Tsipursky
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    Cómo crear un curso online

    ¡Aprende como crear un curso online! Este nuevo curso de Teachlr te enseñará todos los pasos y detalles que debes conocer para crear exitosamente tu primer curso online. El curso está dictado por Marcos Glücksmann (Comunicador social y realizador audiovisual) y Mariano Adrián (Productor musical y audiovisual). Ambos conforman el equipo de producción de Teachlr, quienes se encargan de asesorar a los profesores en la realización de sus cursos, y en muchos casos, de producir los contenidos para estos.  A lo largo de estos 12 entretenidos videos te mostrarán los procesos y herramientas necesarios para la creación de un curso. En el capítulo de Preparación veremos las diferentes formas de organizar toda la información que queremos compartir en un índice, la creación de presentaciones y otros medios de contenido, así como algunos tips y sugerencias para estar mejor preparados al momento de grabar. En el capítulo de Producción repasaremos el equipamiento de grabación básico y su correcta utilización para lograr videos de excelente calidad. Veremos y analizaremos diversas cámaras, micrófonos, luces, programas de grabación de pantalla y de edición de video para que puedas escoger los que mejor se adapten a tus necesidades y presupuesto. Y por último, en el capítulo Publicación y Promoción aprenderemos a crear el curso en la página de Teachlr y a cargar las video lecciones que preparamos. Adicionalmente tendremos como profesor invitado a Daniel Chizer (Comunicador social, publicista y profesor universitario), quien compartirá sus consejos para promocionar el curso adecuadamente y así multiplicar nuestro alcance. ¡Inscríbete en este curso (que además es GRATUITO) y aprende lo necesario para crear y publicar tu curso en Teachlr!     ... y si todavía tienes alguna duda, escríbela en la sección de preguntas del curso o revisa nuestro curso anterior ¿Cómo crear un curso en Teachlr?, el cual explica de manera más profunda y extensa todos los temas que cubre este curso. ¿Cómo crear un curso en Teachlr?   

    395ReviewsTeacher: Canal oficial Teachlr
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    Redes de Mercadeo o Network Marketing

    Si estás leyendo esto es que deseas conocer sobre las redes de mercadeo, o incluso estás pensando en incursionar en esta industria y desarrollarte como un Networker. La idea de este curso es puramente informativa y académica, no posee publicidad o pretende promover una red de mercadeo específica. De tal modo que el estudiante sepa identificarlas y evitar estafas o incluso ingresar a pirámides ilegales. En este curso podrás encontrar información desarrollada en vídeo, con casi 2 horas donde se explicará de una forma amena y sencilla las cosas más importantes que componen y se debe de saber sobre el network Marketing. Este curso fue pensado, ya que como muchos vi una posibilidad en tener ingresos adicionales, y al ver que la información existía pero no en un solo curso o vídeo, decidí desarrollarlo para ayudar a otros que como yo se dan a la tarea y de una forma responsable informarse para conocer y poder crecer en conocimientos sobre esta industria.

    66ReviewsTeacher: dmw academy