Business Development & Decision Making: Fortune 500 Leaders

Master business development and decision making best practices of Fortune 500 leaders


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Teacher: Dr. Gleb Tsipursky



  • Master business development & decision making best practices of Fortune 500
  • Remove blindspots that plague business development & decision making
  • Maximize your desired outcomes in business development & decision making
  • Develop emotional intelligence in business development & decision making
  • Feel truly confident in making the right decisions in business development
  • Plan next steps for your business development & decision making skills

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  • You need to trust best practices from Fortune 500 leaders and behavioral science-based findings over outdated advice such as ?go with your gut? in order to seize a competitive advantage in your business development and decision making skills for the sake of your bottom line and career

Who should take this online course

This course is for current and aspiring leaders (executives, managers, supervisors, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs) who want to dramatically improve their business development and decision making skills using Fortune 500 company best practices. They will get the most benefit from this course, as case studies and examples are best suited to their need to seize a competitive advantage in the hybrid and remote future of work.

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    David Silva
    Thank you so much for this course. I really enjoyed it. I will definitely share it with my colleagues.
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    Great Course! Such a helpful course for improving decision making.
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    I believe that it is an essential skill to make a wise decision in a quick manner especially in a business setting. This course is full of insightful strategies. I had fun going through it!
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    Good course! Dangerous judgment errors are very informative to learn on the course. After taking this course I have changed the way to think. I appreciate the Author for providing this unique course.
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    Tasnuva Hoque Tonny
    I am impressed with the course. Will surely recommended with my friends & colleagues.
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    Jo Anne Aranton
    Well thought of course and excellent presentation about the topic.
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    Bryan Lennox
    Insightful content!
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    Ylona Jae
    This course is really helpful. So fortunate to be enrolled in this course.
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    Josh Wright
    I am thankful for this course. I will use the techniques mentioned here to Defeat Unconscious Cognitive Biases to develop mastery in defeating mental blindspots.
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    Milcah Eve
    Thumbs up to this course! Thanks to Dr. Gleb for sharing the easiest and quickest technique.