Leading Hybrid Teams: Best Practices From Fortune 500 Firms

Master hybrid team leadership best practices of Fortune 500 leaders taught by world-renowned expert


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Teacher: Dr. Gleb Tsipursky



  • Master the best practices in leading hybrid teams used by Fortune 500 leaders
  • Discover how to collaborate and innovate most effectively in hybrid teams
  • Develop a plan with next steps to lead hybrid teams using Fortune 500 practices
  • Ensure the most effective future of work through hybrid teams
  • Learn how to maximize productivity, engagement, and retention for hybrid teams
  • Feel truly confident about making the right calls in leading hybrid teams

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  • You need to trust best practices from Fortune 500 companies and behavioral science-based findings over going with outdated team leadership advice stemming from office-based environments to seize a competitive advantage in leading hybrid teams to achieve your business objectives

Who should take this online course

Current and aspiring leaders (executives, managers, supervisors, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs) who want to dramatically improve their skills in leading hybrid teams using Fortune 500 firm methods will get the most benefit from this course, as case studies and examples are best suited to their needs

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    The success of the organization relies on how the leaders are keeping up with the current hybrid working environment. This course is offering numerous techniques and information which are needed to step up the organization's success strategies.
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    Angelina Gomez
    Truly amazing course! I just loved it. I'm so glad to get a chance to have this wonderful course. Thank you.
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    Outstanding course! Nowadays Hybrid teams become one of the major part of my business. It will definitely help me to develop my business.
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    Impressive course! behavioral science-based findings are very useful for today's companies to make decisions in the right way. I learned about mistakes, poor decisions after taking this course. Also I know so many factors to consider before making any decisions.
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    Tasnuva Hoque Tonny
    Quite useful course. Very clear and practical content. Highly recommended.
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    Audrey Park
    Insightful course and the instructor are well versed on the topic.
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    Anna Hart
    Superb course with research-based, factual content!
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    Stella Riley
    This is a good course that you need to consider enrolling in. Got so much learning!
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    Silene Oliveira
    Love this course! Employers should research best practices on virtual innovation to adapt strategically to their new circumstances. Thank you for sharing this course to us for free.
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    Andrew Pooled
    Nice explanation of the videos. visually attractive and descriptive