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Leonor Rosser, an internationally known Origami Artist, enjoys creating new, exciting and educational uses for this traditional Japanese art form. Mrs. Rosser was introduced to origami when she visited Japan on a cultural exchange trip in 1989. She later became involved in educational Television and was featured worldwide with the Discovery Kids Network for many years. She developed educational programs for PBS and created the origami series, ?Origami Alive! with Leonor.? Leonor Rosser is an ESE/Support Specialist, with background in sensory integration activities, music and art.
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    Curso de Origami con Leonor

    Origami es el arte japonés del plegado de papel. Ori significa "doblar" y Kami significa "papel". En este curso, aprenderás una variedad de figuras de origami que puede ser utilizado en educación, en decoración, o simplemente por diversión.

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